Karabiner Elements (MacOS) – how to use?

What is Karabiner Elements?

Karabiner Elements is a software designed to customize the keyboard in MacOS, which allows, among other things, to map Mac keys. With its help, you can modify the actions of almost all types of keys on the keyboard: regular characters to function keys and modifiers. In addition, device-specific profiles and modifications can also be created, which is not possible with many similar programs.

Another aspect that makes Karabiner Elements the preferred option for customizing Mac keyboards is its ability to make complex modifications. Operations such as creating shortcuts to send keyboard events, adjusting the behavior of mouse buttons, setting “hyper keys” and changing modifier keys are a few such modifications that can be done with this software.

How to install Karabiner Elements on MacOS?

  1. Download the program from the official Karabiner Elements website
  2. Open downloaded .pkg file
  3. After opening the .pkg file, the Karabiner Elements installer will open. Follow the next steps.

Configuring Karabiner Elements in MacOS

  1. Open Karabiner Elements
  1. When you first start Karabiner Elements, you will see the alert shown below.
    You must accept the program’s requirements and allow Karabiner Elements to monitor your processes.
    Click the “Open Security & Privacy System Preferences” button, and then press the “Allow” button.
  1. Two alerts will be displayed to inform you that you need to change the permissions for a program in the MacOS core.
    On both alerts, press the “Open System Preferences” button.
  1. After opening the system preferences, select Privacy -> Input Monitoring, and then enable permissions for karabiner_grabber and karabiner_observer.
    (You must unlock the configuration by clicking the padlock icon in the lower left corner and entering the username and password of the administrator account).

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